Award 100 years car manufacturing Western Saxony

The German amateur-radio-club e. V., local federation of Zwickau, DOK S60, publishes on the occasion of the jubilee "100 years of car manufacturing Western Saxony" this certificate which can be applied by radio amateurs and accordingly by SWLs. The certificate applicant must fulfil by confirmed contacts after the 01st January, 2004 the following conditions:

Contacts with amateur radio stations are to be proved in the region to Western Saxony, stations with the DOKs S46, S57, S60 and S65 belong to it. From the letters in the suffix of the callsigns of these stations the title "100 Jahre Automobilbau Westsachsen" must be composed. A contact with one of the clubstations of the local federations of Zwickau DL0ZWI, Werdau DL0RCW, Glauchau-Meerane DF0GC, Schönau DK0ZN or the youth training station DK0JRS stands for "100" in the title. In addition, each of the clubstation-callsigns can be used as a joker unique for perhaps missing letters. Every station may be evaluated only once per band. All bands and modes of operation except Packet Radio can be used. The certificate application is sent with a confirmed list of available QSL cards (GCR list) and the fee of 5 Euros or 7 US Dollars to the following address:

Andreas Herzig
Bergring 5
D-08058 Zwickau